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Arbys Complaints

Arbys Complaints

Arby’s is the place for people hungering for a unique, better tasting alternative to traditional fast food. It’s the favorite place for people who crave something different and better. Serving one-of-a-kind menu items, Arby’s is well known for slow-roasted and freshly sliced roast beef sandwiches and famous Market Fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads, made with wholesome ingredients and served with the convenience of a drive-thru.

Arbys Customer Complaints and Reviews

Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at Arbys. All reviews and complaints matter. Please share your latest experiences to provide feedback on the Arbys customer service. Write your own customer service complaint or review for Arbys below.

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Latest Arbys Complaints and Reviews

Reviewed by MARINE: 6.00 out of 10 on 4/22/2014
City/Location Reviewed: capitol dr brookfield, wi.
my son and i went to the ARBYS store closes to the steins nursery on 132 capitol dr with my grandson,we ordered 4 sandwiches a regular and curly fries . we hadn't had a arby's sandwich for along time . i was suppose to be a treat for us. when we got back home there were 4 sandwichs, which were dryed- out and cold, but only curly fries. we started to eat our lunch what a disappointment .we live a distance away and my grandson did want to drive again. or we would have taken our order back. yours truly a sad arby's custmers the unit #7035 check #390 on 4/22/2014

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Reviewed by big b: 8.75 out of 10 on 4/14/2014
City/Location Reviewed: seven hills
I ordered a beef and cheddar, it was cold and the bun was hard, my fries were also cold and it took rather long in the drive thru for not being busy

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Reviewed by None: 1.00 out of 10 on 4/6/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Catonsville, Md 21228 Store #7572
On April 5th, 2014 at 6:40pm I went to Arby's after church as I have done for the last several months. My standing order was a Ruben sandwich, small curly fries and a small drink. This was the last time I will purchase anything from this or any other Arby's. It was a takeout order. MY MISTAKE. Paid for food, checked the ticket and asked if or why I had not been giving my senior discount. The cashier stated "You gotta ask for it" and walked away to the back of the store. Upon arrival at home, opened the bag, the curly fries container was half full, the corned beef could have been fit on one side of the sandwich and the sauerkraut was 3 pieces. What a joke. I have told all of my family not to go to Arby's and explained why. My other 5 visits were bad, but this ended my involvement, this was the worse. I spend a lot of time in the Midwest, will not be going out there either. So sad. Do you really care? Now I can't submit my review unless I give you a star. What kind of joke is that.

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Reviewed by Meatless in Ajax: 6.00 out of 10 on 3/18/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Ajax, Durham Region
I went to an Arby's this evening to pick up the new Ruben sandwich. I went to through the drive-through. I received my sandwich and unwrapped it and took a bite. Then I looked at it and I noticed that there was hardly any meat inside the sandwich. I thought maybe all the meat went over to one side of the sandwich, so I checked the other house and that half did not have very much meat in it either. So I went inside and I returned the sandwich. I was given my money back and the only explanation they had is that they portion it out and put it in the sandwich. If that is the truth then your portions are much too small for the amount of money that a customer is paying for the sandwich. I would not return to Arby's if they are that cheap with their meat portioning. Or, I'll stick with the best thing on the menu-- the jr. Deluxe!

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Reviewed by lucy phillips: 7.00 out of 10 on 12/20/2013
City/Location Reviewed: 3184 peters creek parkway
this was my first visit to this location cause I was going to my daughters and was bringing food, at the call box things went wrong, the person waiting on me kept interrupting and I had a hard time getting my order, im 74 and I do have a little problem hearing, but I know what to order, I had written it down, I ordered turkey club combo made bigger with 6 mozzarella sticks, had to pay extra for that, second combo was a chicken bacon swiss combo with 6 jalapeno poppers, made bigger and I had to pay extra for the jalapeno poppers, and my food was a roast turkey farmhouse salad with light Italian dressing, I got to window and got my bags, I aksed for some kind of horsey sauce for my daughters combo and she acted like she didn't even hear me, closed the window, when I got to my daughters, our order was totally different I think we got someone elses food, my daughter called them twice and we was put on hold and no one came to phone, I called and person I needed to talk to was out, this was December 7, 2013, we got no satisfaction so my daughter found this site, actually shes writing it, we got some kind of beef combos with curly fries, none of us eats beef or pork and that's why we love arbys, im a diabetic so the salads are great for me, we didn't get a salad, I usually go to the one close to my home on university parkway close to walmart, I hope you will fix this for us, it was a waste of money and im on disability, thanks

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Reviewed by Anneliese: 10.00 out of 10 on 10/25/2013
City/Location Reviewed: Gloucester, Ontario, Canada (2409)
I am very busy, so I often buy fast food on the way home from work for my boys. I have been to several fast food places, but none have been as consistent and genuinely nice as the people at Arby's on 2000 Montreal Road, Gloucester, I have probably been there about 10 or more times over the years.Not once was the service average. It has always been outstanding. As a student, I used to work in the fast food industry, so I truly appreciate good service. In my opinion, they deserve to be recognized for excellent customer service

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Reviewed by Sharon: 4.25 out of 10 on 9/21/2013
City/Location Reviewed: Chickasha
Service was very slow. Bought 2 French dips. Meat was cold. Au jus was body temp @ best. Had to go home & warm them to eat them.

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Reviewed by John D.: 6.00 out of 10 on 9/13/2013
City/Location Reviewed: All
Please change your ads...they are absolutely awful! I am soooo sick of your "arrogant investigator". You ads are on constantly and they are just awful. They are not making me want to go to your restaurant.

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Reviewed by M Cheeks: 7.00 out of 10 on 9/12/2013
City/Location Reviewed: Duluth
I ordered the new turkey club without cheese and bacon. After I got home I realized they had given me a small plain roast beef sandwich. So I only at my fries. the next day I returned the sandwich and explained situation to this guy. He interrogated me as if I was lying about the sandwich and questioned me over and over about this one turkey sandwich. The he walked off with an attitude. What I brought to his attention is that the customer was inconvenienced, i am the one that should be upset not him. So he got better after my speech on customer service. i left the store still feeling highly offended.

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Reviewed by D: 5.50 out of 10 on 8/3/2013
City/Location Reviewed: charelston
I go to the Sam Rittenberg West Ashley location a lot, but less lately...a lot less. in the last 2 months, when I come by in the morning, all too often they are out of something major on the menu....croissants, eggs, ham for example. This is new. It didn't happen until the last couple months. People seem poorly trained as well. That also never seemed to be a problem until the last couple of months. Some one is poorly dealing with ordering resupply. I noticed the old manager left a couple of months ago and it appears that was when problems started. I've started going to other places for breakfast given the odds now that Arby's is going down.

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