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Arbys Complaints

Arbys Complaints

Arby’s is the place for people hungering for a unique, better tasting alternative to traditional fast food. It’s the favorite place for people who crave something different and better. Serving one-of-a-kind menu items, Arby’s is well known for slow-roasted and freshly sliced roast beef sandwiches and famous Market Fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads, made with wholesome ingredients and served with the convenience of a drive-thru.

Arbys Customer Complaints and Reviews

Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at Arbys. All reviews and complaints matter. Please share your latest experiences to provide feedback on the Arbys customer service. Write your own customer service complaint or review for Arbys below.

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Latest Arbys Complaints and Reviews

Reviewed by jenny: 3.75 out of 10 on 12/3/2016
City/Location Reviewed:
Got a Brisket sandwich, 5.49. It must have been cooked at lunch & it is now 5.30..It was hard tough & dried out . Never order that again........

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Reviewed by MORhodes: 4.75 out of 10 on 10/1/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Bonner Spring, KS
This occurred on Saturday October 1, 2016, about 6:30-7:00 pm at the Bonner Springs, KS store on K7. Waited in line for 22 minutes to get my order (1 shake), only 1 car before me. At the window I asked the employee his name; he told me (Quentin), turned his back to me and said "Will someone talk to this guy, I don't have time to deal with him". Enjoyed the shake; was outraged at the employee's disrespect to a customer. I love Arby's food but its not good enough to warrant this company's disrespect of its customers; there are plenty other options for my business. I've had my fill and will spreading the word about the Arby's business model of disrespecting customers.

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Reviewed by becky: 7.75 out of 10 on 9/22/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Corunna, MI
Why is it that Arbys is the only fast food restaurant in my area that does not offer a fish sandwich? Why only certain times of the year? Wendy's, McDonald's, and Burger King offer fish year round. I love Arbys fries but I do not eat land animals and will occasionally have fish if nothing else is available. How disapointing it is to be looking forward to having my favorite fries and and a sandwich because i was starving.....only to leave empty handed. Please Arbys for vegetarians who occasionally eat fish please offer us something to eat!! You are missing an entire group of people by simply not having it as a regular offering on your menu.

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Reviewed by Chuck: 6.25 out of 10 on 9/21/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Rio Rancho, NM Store#5668
My spouse and I stopped by for some chicken sliders on this date - 9-21-16. While in the store I noticed a small sign showing a 10% discount for seniors and military. I am both military and senior. My wife is a senior. I asked the cashier about the discount. Her answer - "Are you registered?" I said "No" and then my spouse asked, "Can we register now?" Cashier's response was "That will be $7.27." With a response like that, we chose not to engage. Other than you having a rude representative, I would like to add that if you are going to offer a discount, do it with grace, kindness and appreciation for what we veterans and seniors deserve. We have "registered" enough times in our lives. We don't need anymore, so keep your "registration" requirement, keep your 10% and in fact, keep your sandwiches!

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Reviewed by bigguy: 6.25 out of 10 on 9/9/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Ft Worth Tx
I waited 20 minutes in the drive thru lane (2 cars ahead of me). The clerk said they had to wait on the lobby customers first. I never heard of such.

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Reviewed by Larry: 4.00 out of 10 on 9/9/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Gallipolis
Drove up to drive thru to early so waited in parking lot, 10:05 went through drive up window, no response, so drove up to window, was told they weren't open yet, asked when they open, told 10:30, asked why it said opens at 10:00. He said he would check..........I guess he wasn't sure. I drove away

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Reviewed by Bobbi: 2.50 out of 10 on 9/7/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Phoenix AZ 85032
I normally wouldn't complain but this has happened 2 times in a row. I only order a beef n cheddar. There were 2 customers inside and only me out side. When I got home with my sandwich it was a mess. Half was covered in the sauce inside and outside the bun, the cheese was every where as well. I could understand if there was a line inside and outside but when there are no customers waiting and they put that sandwich together and this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks. Now I am not happy and will not go back to that store. It is ridiculous to have to find something to cover yourself because half the meet is hanging out one side with that sauce on it. Should have taken a picture. Done with my favorite place to go.

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Reviewed by Joe: 1.00 out of 10 on 9/4/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Fort Smith AR
OK here it is the lady at the register Shelley was nice and very sweet. Greeted us great then she ran into a little problem one of the managers came over RUDE Melissa said what did you do.... Then Kathy I guess the other manager said what now You Have To Push This Before This and rolled her eyesat her and as she turned away the manager laughed!!!. When she turned back around she had tears in her eyes!! I felt really sorry for her. Everyone messes up and Im NOT coming back to that store In FORT SMITH ARKANSAS ROGERS AVE!!!

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Reviewed by Mr.Danny: 7.75 out of 10 on 8/31/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Jackson Tn
Amira is a great employee her customer service is rated E for Excellence everytime me and my wife comes to Arbys on Old Hickory in Jackson Tn she's awesome she deserves a raise. My complaint is a older African American lady who wears eye glasses ?? line worker who makes sandwiches she have a terrible attitude and very disrespectful if the company is not careful you guys are going to lose loyal customers that comes there.

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Reviewed by Linden : 10.00 out of 10 on 8/24/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Topsham maine USA and St John NB CANADA
I am from Canada and have always enjoyed eating at Arby`s whenever possible. Upon visiting the US on several occasions during the past year, I enjoyed the sampling of chicken cordon blu, which became my favorite on the menu. Upon returning to Canada I visited the local Arby`s and was totally disappointed with the difference in quality of the dinner. Thought it was just a bad day for the shop, so gave another attempt to have the chicken cordon blu meal. No comparison with the quality of the meal in USA, to that served in Canada. USA meal- served on a crusty roll, lots of cheese and mayo, large chicken filet bigger than bun and a lots of tasty smoked ham..absolutely delicious..just consumed one 2 hours ago. CANADA meal-served on a sesame seed hamburger bun, very little cheese if any and little mayo, small chicken filet(smaller than bun) and very small amount of plain ham with very little flavour..a total disappointment with both experiences with the Canada visits. Will still visit Arby`s Canada but will not order the chicken cordon blu....beef sandwiches remain great! Have been in the US for 4 days this trip and have been Arby`s dining twice so far, never a disappointment with any visit over the past year and a half. Would love to have it explained to me why the Arby`s in my home country cannot produce the quality of food served in the USA. Thank you for you attention to this matter.

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Reviewed by Shell: 3.25 out of 10 on 7/24/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Moberly Missouri
I ordered 2 arby's roast beef sandwiches medium size and got, but paid for 2 in the drive thru, the waitresss said 1 when she repeated my order, I corrected her and she said ok, I got my food and took it home, opened the bag, one sandwich in bag with 4 packages of arby's sause. My receipt was for $4.35, credit card was charged for $9 something when Iooked on my bank account on line. This is not good customer service in my opinion, your staff are too busy talking with each other to pay attention to what they are supposed to be doing. I won't be going back.

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Reviewed by Linda: 7.00 out of 10 on 7/20/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Mckinney
I do not remember the date but it was a little over a month ago . I called in to the customer service number a made my complaint well customer service said that I would receive something in the mail to replace my food that I did not receive and was told I had 1 day to come pick my sandwich up which bothered me due to her words were Ill give you a free sandwich well it wasn't free because I paid for it and did not get it so needless to say I still haven't gotten my $7.00 sandwich !!!!!!!

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Reviewed by david: 1.00 out of 10 on 7/7/2016
City/Location Reviewed: 43215
I been going to this arbys from day one, service was great! now a year later service is really bad and the wait time is 10 mins. the staff is to busy talking with each other instead of serving customers. I am done with arbys!!!!

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Reviewed by Jude: 8.25 out of 10 on 6/17/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Yadkinville, NC

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Reviewed by Joe: 7.00 out of 10 on 6/8/2016
City/Location Reviewed: 8466
Myself and wife stopped in Arby's #8466 @ 12:17 am. Service was slow. Sandwiches cooked and then set aside while fries were cooked. Food was then cold. Fries were mostly bits and pieces that appeared to have been left in frier. A very poor Arby's experience. Order #298592

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Reviewed by mama: 10.00 out of 10 on 5/27/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Atlanta, Ga.
I normally love Arbys's ruben sandwiches but if The employee/employees have to be so rude, I'll find another place to eat.

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Reviewed by terry: 1.00 out of 10 on 5/21/2016
City/Location Reviewed: 965 N Riverside Dr, Clarksville, TN
i had been watching the commercials for the bourbon bacon sandwiches and i bought one, was one of the sorriest sandwiches ive ever tried to eat, i could compare it to one of the mccdonalds kid's meal hamburgers. it was that bad, i figured it would have the beef, and bacon that they show on the signs and on the tv. this sandwich, was i would say maby 1 and a half inches thick. something is terribly wrong. i will not buy another one if this is how they are susposed to be. thank you terry lumpkins.2585 dotsonville rd. clarksville tn 37042

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Reviewed by Donna: 1.00 out of 10 on 5/14/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Cobleskill, New York
I just wanted to say that we were very very disappointed this evening with our meal at this arby's. The roast beef was way different and we were unable to finish the sandwiches. we will NOT be tempted to visit your stores any time soon again.

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Reviewed by mary: 1.00 out of 10 on 5/9/2016
City/Location Reviewed: pocono exit toll
we stopped at the one off of exit 95 the chicken wasn't even cooked got sick took it back to the counter ant told them they threw it away and didn't even offer me anything eles to eat or money back never eat their again so dirty trash everywhere 1/2 hour for food 3 works working crispy chicken swandwich sucked call me anytime 814-360-5491 mary barton 788 forest ave Bellefonte pa 16823

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Reviewed by musically inclined: 5.25 out of 10 on 4/26/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Lexington Ky /Rupp Arena store
Mostly my concern is from the appearance of the gentleman employee there who wears a long pigtailed hair as well as long scrubby chin whiskers hanging down while working with food. I used to frequent this location but now though he is plesant, when I see him, I eat somewhere else. He just looks too unkempt for serving in a kitchen.

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Thank you for your interest in Arbys Customer Care. Your Complaints and reviews provide valuable feedback to all Food - Fast Food businesses to improve the service we as customers are provided.

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